Saturday, 12 July 2008

Flashes of Light - What does Wrath of the Lich King mean to me?

We paladins haven't had a lot of news from the WWI, or at all in fact, about what's going to happen to us. What we do have is very vague, and I could write it down on the back of my hand:

  • Promised that Retribution will be "improved".
  • Improved itemization.
  • New healing spell "Hand of Purity". Will function sort of like a priest's prayer of mending.
  • Lot's of Blizzard employees feel the same way as we do. Paladins need an overhaul.
That last one is the most important. This implies that a lot of work will be going into changing the paladin class to make them more useful across the board. The paladin class is being calculated last. They're finishing off all the other classes and then starting to tweak and fiddle with the paladins. Hopefully this means they;re going to concentrate all their energy on it, after getting the other classes out of the way.

Also, the itemization is one to keep an eye on. Time upon time again, I have searched for healing gear with spell crit on it, and, the fact is, there just isn't that many items with spell crit and bonus healing on it. The same goes for ret, with itemization swaying towards non-mana users for the most part. Prot is identical to ret, with itemization again going to warriors and the such. Basically, we have to make do with what we get, but hopefully that will soon change. The retribution changes will be half done with just better itemization!

Finally, HoP is a seriously needed spell. We may be good at raids where we are traditionally assigned to single targets, or maybe 2. But as the sole healer in a group of 5, we struggle immensly to keep the entire group topped up. This should change that, and who knows, maybe Blizzard will implement a few more?

So we haven't got that much to go on at the moment. But in the next few weeks, I expect we will see quite a few changes to the paladin class, and I'll be here to comment on every bit.

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