Saturday, 12 July 2008

Uther the Lightbringer

Welcome! I decided that I needed to combine my two favourite things about the game: paladins and lore. So who better to profile than the big man himself?

For one of the first posts I decided to go with the big cheese of paladins. Uther the Lightbringer. uther started as a follower of the light, as a cleric under Bishop Faol (now Archbishop Alonsus Faol). The bishop became close with Uther during this time, becoming a friend and mentor, teaching him about the light, and all was well with the world. Until a rather powerful being called Medihv opened the Dark Portal, and demonic orcs from Draenor flooded into Azeroth. In short, Stormwind fell to the horde legions, and this shook Faol. He knew that the immense size of the orc's armies could soon topple Lordaeron as well, and fait in the light would have to be put into practice. Thus, the Knights of the Silver Hand came into being, and Uther was the first to be accepted into the ranks, admitted in Stratholme, and the paladins were born. The alliance had found a new army of powerful humans, who would be aided by the light. This was quite obviously a huge moment for the people of the alliance.

Durning the second war, Uther led the paladins into battle against the orcs. The last battle was Ogrim Doomhammer's seige of Lordaeron, in which Doomhammer led the horde from Blackrock Mountain to Lordaeron. uther and the paladins managed to defeat the orc hordes, as Anduin Lothar and the paladin Turalyon killed Doomhammer. Turalyon was the first to dub Uther "The Lightbringer". The two paladins destroyed the remnants of the Burning Blade at the Dark Portal, and the paladins grew into the role of the protectors of Azeroth.

Now an established hero of the Alliance, Uther even started to train King Terenas Menethil's son, Arthas (Yes, that Arthas. We'll get to that soon), and the two became fast friends. The two worked together a lot in battle, including the attack by the Blackrock clan orcs on Strahnbrad. Then one day, Jaina Proudmoore came to Uther, bringing the news that undead armies were destroying the town of Hearthglen. Arthas had attempted to to protect the town, but was close to defeat, and he and Uther left for Stratholme to defeat Mal'ganis, the dreadlord who they currently thought was the leader of the scourge. Upon their arrival, they realized that the city had been infected with the undead plague. Arthas, disturbed by the power of the scourge when he had battled them at Hearthglen, demanded that Uther help him burn the town to the ground. Uther refused. He could not kill his own people. Arthas, who had apparently snapped under strain, became enraged. He burned Stratholme, disbanded the Knights of the Silver Hand, and branded Uther a traitor to the Alliance for refusing.

Uther returned to King Terenas and together they decided that Arthas had become mentally disturbed by the battle at Hearthglen, and this was what drove him to go to Northrend. Upon his return, Arthas murdered his father having become the Lich King. Uther was distraught. The undead scourge had rettunred, and both his best friends had been taken by this force; Arthas mentally and Terenas physically. He took Terenas' remains to Andorhal, and guarded the urn that contained his ashes. Until Arthas appeared with his undead armies. As the town lay under siege, Uther and Arthas fought it out, and eventually Uther was slain.

His tomb lies in Western Plaguelands near Sorrow Hill. Horde have a quest to defile his tomb, in which Uther appears at the end and says he is disappointed in you.

Well that's it for the now. Please give me your thoughts on this post, and if you have any suggestions any posts, please add your comments.

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