Sunday, 13 July 2008

Pretty in Pink?

On the most part, tier armor is very varied. Some are great and some are frankly embarrassing. Our tier 2, in my opinion at least, is awesome. I don't know why but it just makes the character look...powerful. Except for the kilt. What are we, shamans? Tiers 1 and 3 were decidedly average, and then with the expansion came shiny new tier 4.

Let's face it; Justicar was the first properly brilliant looking tier set for paladins. It looks very paladin like. A true warrior of the light. Oh and the shoulders are shiny. Seriously, zoom in on those babies in a well lit area and the shine is like real life metal. I also like the jewels in the armor. Nice and bright. Then there's the season 1 armor to go with it. That's alright, but it looks a bit plain next to the justicar.

Of course then we have the crystalforge, tier 5. Pink. They laughed at us. We laughed at us. We then realized it was our tier and stopped laughing at us. But I must say. It's grown on me. It's still pinky-purple yeah, but that doesn't matter. I think it still looks good. It has a certain "Yeah, I'm pink, but I'm so much your superior I can wear pink and still own your ass" about it. Then there's season 2. Tier 5's exact replica apart from the fact the shoulders look like 2 turds. I really don't like it. It looks like a mage just set fire to me and burnt me to a crisp.

Then tier 6. Freaking. Awesome. A halo, shoulders with light shooting from them. It makes your character look really badass. An angel of death, if you will. Season 3 looks awesome too. It's often hard to distinguish the two, but it doesn't matter because both should make your enemies shake in their boots. And that with that nice, new shattered sun shield? I may have just drooled
on my keyboard. This is the best looking tier set to date in my opinion, out of any of the classes. Except perhaps the warlock tier 6 helmet, with the wings. Damned warlocks, Blizzards babies.

So then we have to look to the future. Season 4 came out the other week. The weapons look great. The armour does not. We just have to hope, that the gods will have mercy and tier 7 won't look like this. It would break my heart to have to wear this. I cannot imagine going to smack Arthas in the face looking like the black knight from Monty Python's Holy Grail. Only blue and gold.

Of course these are my opinions. This post was primarily a rant about armor, but i
f you disagree, just drop a comment.

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Friday said...

Great blog! Saw ya post it on WoW insider. Agree about the season 4 armor. Warriors didn't fare much better. sigh. Wouldn't mind seeing a bit more variety in the PvP armor actually.

Keep up the great work. Adding ya to my blogroll.