Friday, 22 August 2008

Race Your Paladin

So you're making a paladin. Good choice. Now what race do you want to make it? Well obviously if you want to play horde there's no question, it has to be a blood elf. Alliance has the choice: human, dwarf or draenei? Which do you choose? And if you aren't bothered whether you're horde or alliance, then what's the best? Well, it depends how you play.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Pv3 in PvP

I was doing some pvp the other day (gasp, shock, horror!), for the fun of it. So I went into my least favorite battleground: Warsong Gulch. Let me give you a taste of how much I don't like it. I'm not quarter way through neutral standing, whereas I am revered with the rest. I really detest it, but I was bored and I decided to see how pvp viable my realm is at the moment. And I hit upon a strange truth, a crystalizing moment. It is possible to tank in pvp.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Fell Off the Train

Yeeeaaah. Never, ever go on holiday just as you're starting a blog. It doesn't help you get off the ground ans spread those journalistic wings. Straight to the point - I've been lazy. But busy too. After an influx of holidays, weekend breaks, being hacked, and family life, I have finally begun raiding again. Which meant our guild has started progressing again. I don't know why, but still, loot for me.