Monday, 18 August 2008

Fell Off the Train

Yeeeaaah. Never, ever go on holiday just as you're starting a blog. It doesn't help you get off the ground ans spread those journalistic wings. Straight to the point - I've been lazy. But busy too. After an influx of holidays, weekend breaks, being hacked, and family life, I have finally begun raiding again. Which meant our guild has started progressing again. I don't know why, but still, loot for me.

It got me thinking. I'll explain a little first. I still haven't got my shiny mace from SSO. I'm still a karazhan run short. But I began to wonder if there was a point in it. Wrath is just around the corner. And whilst Blizzard assures the punters that you won;t be replacing those hard-earned epics until about mid 70's, I'm not sure the same holds true for paladins. Why? 2 words. Retribution itemization.

Think about it. The majority of us are going to respec retribution again for levelling to 80, and we're thankful for the improvements to said spec. But if itemization is changing, does that mean we will be replacing non-tier loot sooner than most classes? Will it make our greens better suited to our class than the warrior dps gear that usually gets picked up at high-end raiding? If this is the case, it could mean our tasty purples could be replaced as soon as 71.

Of course I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure this would be the case. Especially with pvp gear. Those greens will take the pvp gear and run it through a meat grinder, no matter how bad it looks.

I feel this has been overlooked in the heat of it all. I would really appreciate comments on this, especially from a beta tester. And I'll try not to bunk off the blog again. Maybe.

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