Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Pv3 in PvP

I was doing some pvp the other day (gasp, shock, horror!), for the fun of it. So I went into my least favorite battleground: Warsong Gulch. Let me give you a taste of how much I don't like it. I'm not quarter way through neutral standing, whereas I am revered with the rest. I really detest it, but I was bored and I decided to see how pvp viable my realm is at the moment. And I hit upon a strange truth, a crystalizing moment. It is possible to tank in pvp.

Let me explain how this works. I wear plate. I am holy specced. I slap on my concentration aura (that and crusader aura are the only ones I use really) and stand there healing people. Then, of course, this annoys the enemy and they start dpsing me down to stop me healing. At which point I spam flash of light. As long as you take all the silences and stuns early, you can then bubble, top up, and spam heal yourself for a good ten minutes. That's what I timed on this fateful day. I had 2 hunters and shaman attacking me, and kept myself topped up for ten minutes before a friendly warlock came and beat the living hell out of them. They didn't attack him. Why? Because after 10 minutes of dpsing me two things had happened.

First is something anyone would do. They thought "I've been attacking this @!'#*$ for the past ten minutes and I am not stopping until he's rotting on the floor!". The other thing was they had barely anything left. I thrw in a consecrate every now and again and the hunters, obsessed with me as they were, failed to notice their pets turning into HFC: Holy Fried Chicken. Also, after dpsing me solidly for ten minutes, they had run out of mana. Barely an earth shock or viper sting left in them. Easy pickings for a fresh from the graveyard warlock.

I can see this being useful in arenas. Stand and survive, then heal the others if their attention draws away from you. Perfect. Of course this could be being used already. I'd appreciate some comments. What strategies to you use in pvp?

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Friday said...

Oh yah. lol! That's one thing most people hate about Paladins in PvP. And Druids. They have a similar trick that makes it take forever to bleed them dry. :)

The most common way to deal is to ignore the Pally (he's not doing any damage and he's not going anywhere) and hit him with a stun and interrupt when he heals someone else. Or have a Rogue chain stun (not stun lock) and hit him in between stuns.

But yah, most people just wail away on ya, exactly for the reasons you mentioned. And you just tank them silly while your team wins. :D