Friday, 22 August 2008

Race Your Paladin

So you're making a paladin. Good choice. Now what race do you want to make it? Well obviously if you want to play horde there's no question, it has to be a blood elf. Alliance has the choice: human, dwarf or draenei? Which do you choose? And if you aren't bothered whether you're horde or alliance, then what's the best? Well, it depends how you play.

For a kick off let's look at the blood elf racials. Mana tap, arcane torrent, increased enchanting and increased resistance by 5. Now enchanting we can discard. The resistance increase is alright but it won't do much. It's handy but fairly un-noticable. The mana tap and arcane torrent however. For soloing, this is great for any blood elf. A paladin's biggest weakness is his mana, until the expansion at any rate and we'll see how that goes, so being able to suck mana with the mana tap-arcane torrent routine is very nice for soling, and can give you that extra boost in PvP. The silence is also a nice bonus for both roles, and also if you're a tank in dungeons.

Dwarves have Stoneform, find treasure, gun specialization and 10 frost resistance. OK, well we can get rid of the gun specialization and the find treasure as, like enchanting, they won't affect you as a paladin. The 10 frost resistance is ok, but if that were the only clincher then this race would be next to useless compared to the rest. Fortunately, it isn't the only clincher, as stoneform is very nice. Immunity to poison, bleed and disease and +10% armour. That's very nice for any paladin, no matter your role. Maybe a little less for a healer, but for the rest this can be a nice little booster.

Humans have The human spirit, diplomacy, sword and mace specialization and perception. diplomacy and perception are useful, but again not relevent here. Extra spirit is nice, but for a paladin there are better stats. The sword and mace specialization (one handed) is good for tanks and healers. Not retribution paladins as the don't use one handed weapons, but for tanks and healers it gives you that extra bit of skill, and that increase of 1.25% dodge rating as a result. nice for tanks especially.

Draenei have gift of the naaru, heroic presence, inspiring presence and gem cutting. Now lets chuck out gem cutting and inspiring presence. Don't need them. Inspiring presence is for squishy casters, we don't need spell hit. Heroic presence is nice. It's like a permanant aura, which increases melee hit rating by 1%. That's alright. And gift of the naaru. This may seem like a small heal, but it doesn't cost any mana and is a heal over time, which paladins have none of as a class. It can give that edge when cast before a silence, and can help the healers a little if you're a tank or melee dps.

So each race has it's own little traits that help a paladin in little ways. I cannot decided which one you should take, that's down to how you plan to play. Also, a little known fact among non-paladins (and even a few level 70 paladins I've met) there are 2 special seals. Seal of blood is horde only and is nice for melee dps, and the alliance equivelant is seal of vengeance which is nice for tanking. It differentiates between the factions a little more than appears on the surface.

Well hopefully you weren't bored to death by me (and if you were, then why read to the end?), and good luck with your paladin. Any tips for improvement are gratefully accepted.

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