Monday, 15 December 2008

Lich King Deemed Cold, Many Frozen

Hello? Anyone there? I'm back. No really, I am! Yes I have been away for 2 and a half months. Zombie invasions, new patches, new level cap, new paladin's legs are bloody stumps. Yes I am 80 and I must say, it's far cry from level 70. The spells are better, the quests are more interesting, and my gear has sexy spikes on it.

I began levelling in Borean Tundra. It's a nice place, bar the undead eating everyone. I reached 71 in a day with quite a bit if money to show for it, and wide eyes. The changes to the class were imemdiate. Divine storm really started to stand out and spells immediately fell into a nice routine. There was everything in borean tundra that Wrath stands for. Siege vehicles, Ke'Thuzad, scourge of course, taunka, kal'uak and (oddly) the odd death knight. Stupid power levellers. There were some nice loregasms and enjoyed it all the way to dragonblight. And then oh my god. Dragon's, the wrath gate quest chains, the scarlet onslaught. Dragonblight remains my favourite Northrend zone even now. It is simply stunning. I must have watched the wrathgate quest chain 15 times before i tore myself away. Then went back twice more.

Also, I got divine plea. Now although this a holy talent, it is really quite useless for those of a healing disposition. It really should be ret. My mana isn't what you'd call existant all of the time, but it was after divine plea. Combined with arcane torrent, my mana really isn't much of a problem anymore.

Howling Fjord was average, and I liked Grizzly Hills so much that I did every quest there. Dalaran is amazing, although I wish I hadn't bought that bear. Especially as my money management is the same as that of a gambling addict (I am still 2k gold away from epic flying). Strangely, Dalaran doesn't destroy my framerate nearly as much as Shattrath did. It's probably the absence of a million Shattered Sun Trainees that suck so much they will never, ever leave that city. But it also feels more invloved. The directions are given to you not by guards, but by NPC's with individual names. The sewers are a great touch, and seeing Rhonin made me pass out for 5 minutes. It is a proper, magely city. And Violet Hold is great on heroic.

Zul'drak is great, especially that daily quest. It's got the feel of a region torn by war, not the small battles we were presented with in the past. I've yet to go to Gun'drak, but I'm looking forward to it immensely. Especially as people don't mind having retribution paladins in a group, ven in a heroic. For the first time I feel useful, not universally hated. I was surprised when I out dpsed a hunter and a mage (Ghostcrawler, hunters are NOT overpowered at this time. Take note), and it just proved that the balance is right. I'm not overpowered. I was simply better geared. If was worse geared I probably wouldn't have done as well. Which just goes to show that we are finally on par with what a class should feel like in dps.

As I'm talking about instances I would like to note Drak'tharon keep as a particular favourite. The Drakuru storyline is particularly intersting and it's brilliant the way that it smoothly transfers you from Grizzly Hills to Zul'drak. The entirity of the expasnion is as such. "Can you go look for my scout in Sholozar?" Certainly, and while I'm there I may as well quest for Hemet Nesingwary and ride on the back of a mammoth shooting a proto drake, whilst helping a titan avatar crush scourge with a titan golem from un'goro. Little wolf men? Sure I'll help, you cute little munchkins.

Stormpeaks is generally awesome, though theres a bit of a bug in mount size whilst near Brunnhildar village. The model's head goes through my helicoptor's rotor blades. And whilst I've not been to Icecrown to quest as of yet, it is visually stunning, and the zepplins add a nice touch. Oh, and Tirion Fordring kicks ass. A true paladin to be sure.

All in all, Wrath feels pretty polished. I've not been to Naxx yet simply because time is a little thin on the ground recently, although content sounds pretty good. VoA in Wintergrasp is a strok of genius in my opinion. Actually, Wintergrasp itself is too.

Have I said enough to make up for my prolonged absence? I don't know. But I'll be posting again soon because patch 3.0.8 is ont he horizon, and opposed to "TO THE GROUND" , we may have just sprouted wings and hit the ceiling. Anyway, I'll shut up now. See you in the next installment.

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