Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Re-sealed delivery

In case you're a paladin who's been living under a rock, you probably know that seal of blood/the martyr is being removed, and being replaced by having the damage for seal of vengeance/corruption increased; crusader strike is having it's damage and cooldown reduced; exorcism is having a cast time in return for being PvP usable again. This is pretty big for retribution paladins, and I can see what Blizzard are trying to do here, I really do.

And actually, I'm looking forward to it. All this is in an effort to stop burst damage and concentrate on sustained damage. For starters, no matter your rotation, there will usually be a gap of 1 or 2 seconds between cooldowns. This time period is the lul, a time where most other classes can shove in another 8k damage. This is the end of that 'burst'. I find it's usually because of a ruined rotation. The cooldowns are too different. Hopefully, the crusader strike cooldown reduction should help counter this.

The change for the seal of vengeance/corruption reads as follows:

Seal of Vengeance and Seal of Corruption: These seals have been redesigned to deal substantially more damage. Now, once a paladin has 5 copies of the debuff from these seals on his or her target, on each swing the paladin will deal 33% weapon damage as Holy, with critical strikes dealing double damage. In addition, the damage-over-time effect is now considered a melee attack instead of a spell attack.

This is a nice change. This means that even in a 'cooldown period', auto attack should deal a lot more damage, effectively chopping off a bit of the top of the damage we currently get from SoB/SotM, and giving it to the auto-attack, spreading the damage out. Or at least this seems to be the plan. It gives an even bigger reason to stack a bit more crit too. The more crit, the more chance to double your damage.

Of course, Exorcism is changing too. Most spells will simply get nerfed and buffed and different intervals, for all classes, but I don't think I've ever seen a spell straight-out grow like this one. It grew from demons and undead, to everything, and now can be used on players. I think the original PvP use was just a side effect, but I'm glad to see it make a return. I've started PvPing a lot more now, and I can honestly say that a 1.5 second cast time shouldn't hurt. Actually, I thought it was a little to powerful in PvP before and I often ended up dropping an opponent within a second of being in melee range. I don't this should make too much difference with a 30 yard range. It simply means running a bit further towards the fighting before using it, just to give it that second and a half, which is really where you should be heading anyway.

Overall, I don't think the changes are bad. I think it simply means we're going to have to work a little harder to push out our dps constantly, other than being able to hit keys and still have some time before we can hammer them again. In short: it's going to give some much needed skill.

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