Monday, 13 July 2009

Tier 9 is...different. I like it!

Blizzard has released (most) of the tier 9 models, both for Horde and Alliance. mmo-champion has a complete list of them, so it's worth popping over there for a gander. The post also lists all the set bonuses. I am of course only covering the paladin ones here.

First impressions? I'm not sure. I like the whole Blood Elf colour scheme thing Blizz has going on, but I'm not sure if it works with the models. Still, the shock of something that isn't yellow or pink has worn off and I think it's starting to grow on me. The more I think about it, the more I think it will probably look good. Throw in a cape, some boots, and voila. Yes, it's definately growing on me.

I must say though, I really like those shoulder spikes.

Overall: nice. I liked this straight from the get-go. It sort of looks paladin-like, and the colour scheme is reminiscent of tier 4 (remember that?). I took me ages to think why this armour is so fitting, and it finally came to me. As a kid, did you ever get stories read to you about knights in shining armour who would come to save the day and slay the bad guy? Well this is the kind of thing I imagined. It's very "I'm alliance and I'm here to save the day from the evil of the horde".

Actually, having said that I now like the Horde version a lot, lot more. I think it's from expressing it in that way. "I'm a weapon, and I will stop those who threaten my people". Speech is handy, isn't it?

Set Bonus
This looks useful. The increased crit chance for judgements is very nice, especially a 5%. I'm usually quite worried about dropping crit for other stats on pieces of armour, but this would make me feel better. Of course, we'll have to see what sort of stats the gear ordinarily gives. As for the righteous vengeance crit chance, I'm not sure. This is one I'd actually have to see in the flesh to work out how useful it is.

Holy. The 10 second increased judgement time. At this point I will say that, although I used to be holy, it's been quite some time since I've done it "seriously", and I don't have much experience on the use of seals as a healer (I specced retribution before the seal changes). However, I'm pretty sure that the HoT healing increase is quite useful. It should see an increase of the use of sacred shield I should imagine.

As for protection, I have never tanked. Thus I am unsure as to how often Hand of Reckoning is used during combat. If it's used quite a bit then -2 seconds could be a nice little time saver. If it is hardly used in combat, then it's pretty useless. As for the divine protection cooldown reduction, I think that's pretty good. That should make it a lot easier on the healers and less stressful. (The divine protection bit has been edited, as I got my spells mixxed up. Thank you to Braundo on for spotting that!)

Overall, I think the tier is coming up rather nicely. The splitting between factions (for all tier 9 sets) is an interesting idea, and a brilliant one at that. It adds come flavour to the game and some much needed seperation between the factions, ever since we started chumming up in Burning Crusade. I'm quite looking forward to it.

(A big thanks to mmo-champion. The pictures are second-to-none.)

EDIT: Holy Tauren, linked on :O


Chris said...

I just went through and read all of your blog posts! I saw a link from and decided to read. Great Blog!

On topic, I really enjoy the Alliance plate, but the Blood Elf pieces just aren't for me. They seem way too, I don't know, "Demon" looking for me. Reminds me of warlock gear.

M.C.Glover said...

Hand of Reckoning is only used to taunt at the start of combat, it can be used in combat (and is off the GCD) but it only does about 24 damage at level 70.
Hammer of the Rightous however is the highest damageing ability that paladins have (4x weapon to 4+ targets) so adding damage there is sweet

Shsks said...


Thanks for clearing that up for me :). I'm not big in the tanking world.

Lakche said...

Taunt (HoR) is used as a way to regain aggro, and will generally see its usage in tank swaps (Thorim, razorscale, etc) or if a dps gets trigger happy. In 3.2 it's supposedly getting a damage buff to make up for the tps loss from the exorcism change, but I haven't seen any numbers anywhere.

Also SoR will do more damage if there aren't four targets to hit =)

Danny said...

I think the Ally Plate sets would look much more form-fitting if the blades from the shoulders were removed. Try it, just put a thumb over the blades, and it looks awesome.

The horde pally set, I feel, is immaculate save from one tiny detail which honestly would be a quick fix; cover the hands in a full glove. The theme with the blood elves, evil'ish pallies, armor coloring, armor design, and glowy effects could not have been better intertwined in that set.

Anonymous said...

The horde side Blood Knight set looks great... except I'm not diggin' the green, may need some time to grow on me. Maybe something a little darker, more in line with the Blood Knight tabbard? And what are those white flaps sticking out from the shoulders? Is that intentional or is the picture missing a texture?

The bonuses sound great, as mentioned earlier about the trigger happy dps. :) Will also help in cases where another tank decides he'd rather have an aggro duel and freak out the healers, rather than down the boss.